RPCO’s HP Indigo 10,000 – Meet Todd

Rawson Print Co have been delighted with the inclusion of the HP Indigo 10,000 into their suite of machinery. The Indigo 10,000 will provide clients with fast and flexible printing on sheet sizes up to B2. If you want to get personal, you will be amazed by the cost-efficient personalisation this machine offers. Speaking of personal, meet Todd – Chief Operator of our HP Indigo 10,000. Todd will ensure your print campaign delivers amazing results for you and your customers.


Q: Hi Todd, what’s your claim to fame?
A: I was the first person to be trained in Sydney on the HP Indigo 10,000!

Q: What’s your favourite colour?
A: Red

Q: What’s your favourite paper stock?
A: Knight Smooth

Q: Best job to go through the HP Indigo 10,000 and why?
A: Collated PUR book. Once printed the job is trimmed, we attach the cover then the job is finished. So much easier and quicker than traditional offset printing

Q: How do you think the HP Indigo 10,000 has changed printing?
A: Quick turn arounds allow us to meet tight deadlines and customer needs.

Q: What aspects of printing are you still fascinated by?
A: Seeing the end product of a finished job after going through the whole process

Q: What’s your passion away from printing?
A: Playing golf

Q: What can’t you say no to?
A: My daughter

Q: What three words would your friends use to describe you?
A: reliable, loyal, funny