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Key trends shaping the printing and packaging sector in 2024

18 Mar, 2024

You may scratch your head and wonder how we’re already a quarter of the way through 2024. Us too!

At Rawson, we also like to look at the first few months of the year to identify emerging trends in the printing and packaging sector.

It’s an opportunity to understand where the market is, what competitors are doing to retain and attract customers, and what consumer behaviours look like. With these in mind, it might be time to refresh the look, feel and customer experience of your products—including printing and packaging materials.

Let’s check out some trends shaping B2B printing trends in Sydney in 2024, and how Rawson can help with effective packaging design tips for B2B products.



A sleek minimalist aesthetic has been all the rage for a while now—and shows no sign of changing.

Minimalism focuses on clean typography, a limited colour palette and simplicity, with few or no post-printing embellishments like metallic foiling or special shapes.

It’s a powerful combination that can help cut through the intense visual and informational saturation we’re often confronted with when we enter a retail space: a sea of bright colours, graphics and fonts screaming for attention.

Think of sleek technology packaging and modern, premium cosmetics brands. Minimalism is a popular choice to convey understated luxury, with many brands favouring heavier paper stock to exude quality, elegance or sophistication. In contrast to flashy excess, it can also demonstrate a commitment to sustainability.



Just like mid-century architecture and interior design are having their resurgence, so is mid-century packaging design, and specifically brutalism.

Brutalist style is the utilitarian cousin of minimalism. It tends to prioritise a muted colour palette, simple textures, and bold, striking typography and structural elements over decorative design. Like minimalism it conveys the message “less is more”, but where minimalism might whisper it, brutalism shouts it.

Again, imagine staring at dozens of products in a retail space. Maybe the one with a striking, bold font on a clean colour palette catches your eye.

Brutalist packaging design is popular with products targeting younger generations, the fashion-forward or hipsters. Many modern cosmetics brands favour it, especially cosmetics conveying a minimum-fuss image and/or cosmetics targeted to men.


Vivid and contrasting design: bold colours, fonts and graphics, and unusual shapes and graphics

We’ve talked about “less is more”. Now let’s talk about more is more!

Bright colours, pastel colours, contrasting and clashing patterns, unusual shapes and graphics, and out-there designs are still very much in vogue for many industries and products.

Eye-catching and unique designs can naturally engage with potential customers by screaming “look at me!”

This kind of bold and exciting packaging is often found on kids’ packaging, and food and beverage packaging. Think of a toy that says hours of playtime fun, or a craft beer that promises you’ll have a great time with your mates on a summer’s day!

At Rawson Print & Packaging, we offer the latest printing innovations in Sydney. Beyond working with any paper stock, colour or font, we can help your products stand out with memorable post-printing procedures such as special shapes and tear-away features, and embellishments such as metallic foiling, embossing and micromotion, to name a few.

Customisation and personalisation

Custom packaging trends in Sydney are no longer a novelty restricted to expensive products or high-end brands.

As technology has improved, so has the demand for brands across many industries to offer their customers a personally tailored experience. Whether it’s printing a customer’s name on direct mail or creating personalised packaging, customisation tells the customer “you’re important to us” and conveys exclusivity.

Integrating personalised experiences with QR codes or custom URLs also allows printed materials and packaging to jump from the physical into the digital worlds, redefining how customers interact with a brand and even deepening the connection between brand and customer.

Not only that, these immersive experiences can provide valuable data on customer preferences and behaviour, helping brands to tailor their offer even more.

Digital printing and optimisation tools

Comparing digital and offset printing for B2B clients is an important factor in your decision making. Digital printing has become a cornerstone of modern printing and packaging, presenting a quick and cost-effective alternative to traditional offset printing without compromising on quality. At Rawson Print & Packaging, we’ve embraced the digital transformation by investing in cutting-edge printing technology and on-demand and web-to-print services through our 24/7 online portal. Our clients can access a streamlined platform to place orders, ensuring efficiency, fast production and distribution times, and reduced waste.

Environmental sustainability

No ifs or buts: environmental sustainability is a permanent non-negotiable in nearly every sector. It’s also front-of-mind for many consumers, who demand transparency across a brand’s entire supply chain. Almost every brand has some kind of sustainability policy, and in answer to consumer trends, many brands love to spruik their sustainable credentials to current and prospective customers

At Rawson Print & Packaging, we’re proud to be Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) certified and an Ecovadis (Silver) member. We’re also a closed-loop manufacturer, meaning everything is produced in our Sydney printing and packaging factory which minimises waste by ensuring we reuse and recycle where possible. We offer water-based coatings (as alternatives to plastic) and vegetable-based inks (not petroleum).


Are you on trend?

Ultimately, your brand and brand story is unique—what works for another brand may not work for yours.

With our ability to print any designs, our customisation options and our steadfast commitment to eco-friendly practices, Rawson Print & Packaging is here to help your brand put its best foot forward by ensuring your brand keeps up with commercial printing trends in Sydney’s market.

For the best Sydney B2B packaging solutions get in touch with us—we’re the Sydney packaging and printing experts!

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