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Maximising marketing impact: the power of integrated print and digital strategies

7 May, 2024

You’d be forgiven for thinking that printed marketing materials are yesterday’s news. Or that there’s no need for hard copies in an era of ultra-digital connectivity and an ever-expanding array of digital offerings.

Digital has definitely overtaken print marketing as the primary form of marketing outreach. But that doesn’t mean print is dead!

At Rawson Print & Packaging, we’re pretty partial to print. And we’re pleased that printed materials remain a powerful part of maximising marketing impact—we see this in the printing and packaging work we continue to provide to businesses across many sectors.

We also recognise the value of digital in our lives and the role it can play in an integrated marketing strategy that combines the strengths of print and digital.

So how has digital marketing shifted how we approach marketing as a whole? And why is integrating digital and print marketing crucial to your brand’s success?

The global rise in digital marketing

We’ve never been more connected to so many devices: smartphones, computers, tablets, smart TVs, smart watches, and even smart homes and smart cars. Then there’s the endless list of apps and platforms vying for our attention, from social media, emails and search engines to news websites, streaming services and dating apps.

An estimated 66% of the world’s population—more than 5.3 billion people—uses the internet and an estimated 5 billion use social media. Digital marketing has become an obvious and essential tool for brands. It offers unparalleled reach to connect with and target customers, drive engagement and, ultimately, grow sales.

The benefits of print marketing in a digital world

With all these digital channels you may think marketing materials printing is a waste of money. You might even ask what are print advertisements and marketing doing in a digital landscape?

But just as the “paperless office” has turned out to be a furphy, so too has the much-heralded decline of printed marketing and printing and marketing services generally.

Therein lies printed marketing’s secret weapon: they’re a way to cut through that digital noise.

Digital fatigue equals print attention

A study by UK marketing body Newsworks showed that print advertising drives 77% brand recall, compared to 46% in digital.

There’s lots to love about a digital world. But we’re also digitally saturated: bombarded with countless digital ads, emails and notifications on a daily basis, many with short lifespans. It can lead to digital fatigue and consumers tuning out.

Print advertisements and materials, on the other hand, can stick around. They provide a tangible and tactile brand experience, and it’s harder to click past or close that browser window on a real object. Whether it’s the type of paper and finishes used, the physical design and shape, or the way it’s displayed—a great printed piece can stand out, disrupt and hold attention, enticing viewers to engage with it more deeply.

Print builds trust and confidence

Consumers also have very real and very valid concerns about online data privacy, spam and scams. A 2020 Australian Government study showed that at least half of Australians were uncomfortable with digital platforms and websites tracking their location, storing their information and targeting them with advertising based on their activity online.

Print marketing doesn’t usually have the same privacy challenges, and can offer a sense of credibility and authenticity that digital channels simply cannot reliably replicate.

A 2017 study revealed that 82% of consumers trust print ads when making a purchasing decision: the highest rated ad format. A glossy magazine ad or a slick printed direct mail piece can convey professionalism, reliability and attention to detail that resonates with consumers and builds trust between them and businesses.

Why integrating print and digital marketing will mean success

Ultimately, however, a great recipe for brand success lies in a cohesive mix of digital and print marketing. According to agency Top Media Advertising, combining print and digital ads can make online campaigns 400% more effective.

Improved reach and engagement

By combining print and digital, brands can improve reach and engagement, creating a uniform brand experience that resonates with customers across multiple platforms and spaces.

Synergy between platforms

Integrated print and digital campaigns enable consumers to jump seamlessly between platforms. Whether it’s a print ad promoting a digital offer, coupon or competition, a QR code leading a customer to a website or phone app, or a social media campaign sending traffic to a physical store, integrated strategies can reinforce brand messaging, create more enriching customer experiences, and drive conversions.

Harnessing data to tailor future campaigns

Integrated print and digital strategies allow businesses to innovate, and data from both print and digital channels can give brands valuable insights into customer behaviour and preferences to help tailor future campaigns.

Integrated print and digital strategies with Rawson Print & Packaging

By now we hope that instead of asking, “what are print advertisements doing in the digital age?” you’re wondering, “how can my brand integrate print and digital materials to turbocharge my campaign?”

Rawson Print & Packaging has 45 years of experience offering some of Australia’s leading brands our high-quality printing and marketing services to support their integrated marketing campaigns.

Brand consistency

We’ll work with you to ensure your print products reflect your brand with our range of high-quality and custom print solutions, from one-off signage to a million brochures.

Customised designs that boost online traffic

Chat to us about how we can customise your job with eye-catching finishes and incorporate interactive features such as QR codes to drive digital traffic and encourage even deeper brand engagement.

Personalised marketing

Nearly half of consumers enjoy receiving personalised printed advertising to their home. We offer variable data printing to tailor your direct marketing or promotional product to individual recipients and give them a unique and dynamic experience when they receive it.

Get in touch

When you’re planning your next integrated campaign speak with our team about how we can help with your marketing materials printing.

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