Rebranding for Clarity

Melanie Whiting > Australian Printer: Many would agree that wise decisions are rarely made after you have knocked back a few beers, especially in matters of business. However, the directors at Rawson Print Co. would beg to differ.

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Print is the ‘special’ on Rawson menu

Patrick Howard > Print 21: Cooking up a storm at the Cruise Bar at Sydney’s Circular Quay, the three Rawson Print Co partners, Lachlan Finch, Andrew Price and Shane Wildash enlisted the help of Fast Ed (Ed Halmagyi), cooking personality from Better Homes and Gardens, to judge who was best on the barbie.

Rebranding of long-established Sydney printer puts core activity front and centre with the name, Rawson Print Co.

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Rawson in sizzling rebrand

April Glover > Proprint: Rawson Graphics treated its clients and suppliers to a sizzling event by the harbour to launch its business rebrand. The company says its focus is on ‘fine print’.

The Rawson revamped logo and brand culture made its debut last night, the company emphasising its commitment to high quality design and print.

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RPCO. ~ The Rebrand ~


Fast Ed puts on a show to celebrate the rebrand of premier Sydney printer, Rawson Print Co.

On a balmy Tuesday this April, as the sun set over the harbour, 200 guests from the world of marketing, design and print gathered at Circular Quay’s Cruise Bar to celebrate the next phase in the evolution of premium Sydney printers, Rawson Print Co.

The party, on April 5, commemorated the unveiling of a new name and new identity for the company formerly known as Rawson Graphics.

Themed around the concept of quality, the event drew a connection between fine food and fine print, inviting a special appearance from another advocate of the finest things, TV chef and author Fast Ed (Ed Halmagyi). With a spectacular Sydney skyline as his backdrop, Ed took to the stage to cook his signature chimichirri rib eye, before calling on Rawson Print Co.’s three partners, Lachlan Finch, Andrew Price and Shane Wildash to show off their plating skills.

“There are a lot of commonalities between fine food and fine printing. Both offer a lovely sensory experience – for print that means the scent of paper, the textures and the colours. It’s enjoyable, and that’s what we’re about, creating an experience our customers can enjoy from beginning to end,” said director Lachlan Finch.

“As a craftsman and artist who shares our passion for the finest things, Fast Ed was a natural partner for our event. A kindred sprit, he celebrates the finest ingredients, techniques and traditions and we wanted to share this connection with our friends and colleagues across the marketing world,” he said.

A significant development in the company’s direction, the new brand reflects Rawson Print Co.’s longstanding heritage of delivering beautifully crafted print and its dedication to premium quality, from materials and production through to service and customer experience.

Changing the name from Rawson Graphics was part of a deliberate intention to hone the company’s focus. According to director Andrew Price, “Incorporating the word ‘print’ into the new name was important to us. While many printing companies are selling themselves as one-stop multimedia marketing shops, we’re focusing on our commitment to the finest in print.”

For Fast Ed, best known for his regular appearances on Network 7’s Better Homes and Gardens, the party was something of a homecoming.

“I had my first job at the Cruise Bar back in the 90s. So for me it holds many memories,” said Ed. “It was a true pleasure to work with Rawson. I know how important it is to combine excellence and creativity, and that’s the precise quality I see in Rawson Print Co,” he added.

For the Rawson Print Co. partners, the future is all about continuing their heritage of excellent service. “This rebrand marks an important point in our journey. Honing our focus on premium service, we aim to build on our position as Sydney’s leading premium print provider, offering our customers an experience to really enjoy,” said Lachlan.