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Top business card innovations to watch in 2024

10 Jul, 2024

Email signatures. Social media handles. Digital contact cards and address books. Personal QR codes. Video chats. 

In our highly connected, digital-centric lives, there are plenty of ways to get in touch and share contact information quickly.

But what does this mean for the humble business card—that little rectangle of printed paper that’s been a mainstay of business interactions and networking for generations of workers?

Why printed business cards are still relevant

Before you worry that the box of cards you’re about to order will end up gathering cobwebs in your wallet, here’s some good news: for all the conveniences that digital communications offer, printed business cards aren’t going away.

People continue to value tactile, off-screen experiences: reading paper books, magazines and newspapers; writing, sending and receiving “snail mail” in the post; editing documents in hard copy with a trusty red pen; and exchanging printed business cards. 

These activities also have measurable benefits for businesses: studies show that physical interaction with printed materials enhances memory retention and brand recall compared to digital exchanges alone. 

So a well-designed and made business card is a powerful way to reinforce the hard work you’ve done to build trust and credibility with potential business partners and clients during face-to-face networking.

Business card trends 2024

Working with a commercial printer like Rawson Print & Packaging opens up many opportunities to create brand differentiation through printing, including innovative business cards.

We offer a range of high-quality and innovative custom printing and finishing services that will help your contact information really pop—and make sure you’re front of mind for your current and future clients when they need products and services like yours.

Here are some business card trends 2024 has uncovered so far, and why they’re worth your consideration when you’re designing your next print run.

Brand consistency

A business card is an extension of your brand—so if you’re going to invest in printed business cards, custom business card designs should reflect your brand and values and resonate with your clients and customers. Use engaging fonts, graphics, illustrations, colours and shapes to show off your brand’s personality and capture attention. 

Minimalistic designs

Minimalism is in. While it can take many forms and styles, it focuses on displaying essential information and impactful visuals in a clean, efficient way. This means ample white or blank space and crisp, minimal graphics, lines and text.

It’s also about making sure that the information you include, and exclude, is relevant. For example, if you don’t have a physical shopfront, your mailing address might not be needed. Fax numbers are largely obsolete except in a few rare cases (e.g. some medical professions still rely on these).

Unique shapes and textures

If you want to take the tactile experience to the next level, die-cut, embossed or textured cards are a fun and often cost-effective way to differentiate your card. Unusual shapes or even tearaway features can make the card more dynamic, so the recipient can engage with it after they’ve left the meeting.

Metallic or holographic finishes

Foil stamping and metallic ink can add boldness, luxury and sophistication to your contact information.

Multifunctional cards

When is a business card not just a business card? When it’s also a notepad, a USB drive, a plantable garden feature, a bottle opener, a comb or a drink coaster! We’ve seen—and helped create—many different business cards that have a second use, which can help recipients remember your name well after they’ve tucked your card into their pocket.

Personalised business cards

This isn’t just about creating custom business card designs unique to your business. It’s about a design that’s personalised to your recipients.

People love to receive special attention, and personalised business cards can help make business interactions far more meaningful, memorable and long-lasting.

These can take on many forms, from including handwritten notes and drawings to using variable data printing, where we create one-of-a-kind materials personally addressed to individual recipients, or featuring tailored messages, graphics and images that resonate with a particular recipient’s specific interests.

Eco-friendly business cards

Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword in business—it’s a core business philosophy for many companies, and an expectation for many customers and consumers. Eco-friendly business cards are a great way to make that point upfront, from the moment you introduce yourself to a potential client.

You could have your cards printed on recycled or sustainable paper stocks, biodegradable plastics, or even plantable paper embedded with seeds. They can be printed with non-toxic vegetable-based inks and coatings, and produced by a printer that uses waste and energy saving production methods and equipment, like Rawson’s own closed-loop manufacturing process.

Interactive elements

Innovative business cards go beyond pure aesthetics by linking print and digital content and demonstrating your commitment to innovation. 

QR codes

Adding a QR code to your business card is a cost-effective way to enhance engagement with your clients by giving them quick access to digital content such as portfolios, videos or websites.

Augmented reality (AR)

AR-enabled business cards overlay digital content onto the physical card when viewed through a smartphone camera, creating a unique and customised interactive experience for your recipient.

NFC technology

Think of the card you tap to jump on the train or enter your office building. These are examples of near field communication (NFC) chips embedded in cards. What about an NFC chip business card that your recipient can tap against their phone to access contact information or digital content?

Can we give you one of our cards?

At Rawson Print & Packaging we offer commercial printing Sydney and Australia-wide. Our many custom printing and finishing options will help your business cards show off your brand and personality. Get in touch with us now—and we can hand over not just our own business card, but samples of our work to help you with your own design! 

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