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Packaging doesn’t have to be complicated—but it must be functional, high-quality and made from the right materials to protect and showcase your products from the moment they’re manufactured to when they land in the hands of your customers.

With Rawson you’ll have no problem finding innovative packaging solutions for your product.

We’re a packaging company in Sydney that works with clients Australia-wide in all industries, creating tailored packaging solutions that optimise functionality and durability while giving your customers a memorable experience when unboxing your product.

We’re packaging experts that specialise in fibre-based, folding carton packaging used across many sectors, be it food, pharmaceuticals, beauty and cosmetics, consumer goods or promotional items.

Whether you’re planning a small bespoke offer to a large-volume campaign, we offer cost-effective and sustainable custom packaging solutions.

Our expertise in structural design services, including assisting with construction design, mock-ups and sampling, can help your products walk off the shelves!


A snapshot of our packaging offer

Product-specific packaging, materials and options

No two products are the same, and their packaging shouldn’t be either. 

When it comes to product-specific packaging design, we offer diverse options like custom printed boxes, trays, tubes, tucks, sleeves and more. We also offer custom labels and inserts. And they’re all made in Australia to guarantee high-quality results.

Our range of specialty and premium paper, card, corrugated and substrate options mean there’s always a perfect option for your product. Go eco-friendly with FSC® certified, 100% recycled or partially recycled materials. We also offer food-grade materials safe for the fridge, freezer, microwave and oven.

Below are some of our specialties, but we provide a wide range of services so if you don’t see what you need there, please get in touch.

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Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) need attractive packaging that’s efficient to manufacture and restock. Our shelf-ready packaging for retail products considers your brand, product, consumer and the in-store environment to give your brand a competitive edge.


When packaging foods you need options that preserve your product’s freshness and meet food safety standards. But they also have to be functional, practical and reflect your brand identity so that customers take notice when they’re browsing the shelves. We offer grease and moisture-resistant food grade options in a range of pre-formed and customisable designs.

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Pharmaceutical and medicinal packaging performs many important functions, from aesthetics to displaying product information to protection and material security. Our quality assurance program and precision-engineered solutions guarantee product integrity, compliance and safety—which is why we’re trusted suppliers for more than 10 pharmaceutical companies who audit us annually.


Beauty and cosmetics packaging is built on the sensory promise of what’s inside—its look, feel and smell. Elevate your products with our premium and luxury packaging solutions that combine captivating aesthetics with functionality.

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Natural therapy products offer many holistic benefits—and their packaging needs to communicate this. Consider our raw or natural material finishes. They create a highly tactile look, feel and smell, and offer an authentic, artisanal and professional finish.


Look over here! Promotional packaging needs to be attention grabbing to drive engagement with your brand and product. We create durable, practical and impactful promotional packaging solutions to help you make your mark.

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Branding, personalisation and marketing

First impressions count: research shows people may form an opinion within 100 milliseconds!

The first thing a potential customer usually sees while browsing the shelves is a sea of branded packaging. And great packaging for e-commerce is just as important for when a customer unboxes that parcel that’s just arrived in the mail.

Creative packaging designs and branded packaging solutions may come with a production cost, but done well they can be a massive marketing and branding opportunity for your business. If your packaging isn’t up to scratch, it’s probably costing your business even more.

We help you with personalised packaging services by weaving in logos, colours, patterns and other brand elements to create a seamless brand experience that resonates with customers and leaves a lasting impression. We can even incorporate features like inserts and QR codes to lift and personalise your packaging for marketing and promotions.

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Protective packaging solutions

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When you’re investing in top-quality packaging, you want to know that your products are protected and secure.

When the integrity of packaging fails, it may lead to reputational damage, customer dissatisfaction or financial losses.

Our protective packaging solutions are optimised for durability, strength, rigidity and resistance so your products reach your customers in great condition. This means they’ll be safe from the rigours of transport and storage, protected against environmental factors like moisture and heat, and preserved for sterility, quality and extended shelf-life.

We offer options that integrate cushioning, padding and secure closures (especially important for products like pharmaceuticals), and food grade options ideal for protecting and preserving the quality of fresh, refrigerated or frozen food products, and for microwave or oven-safe packaging.

Sustainability and eco-friendly packaging

Sustainability matters: many studies show a majority of consumers factor packaging sustainability into their product choices and are willing to pay more for eco-friendly packaging options.

At Rawson, we provide sustainable packaging solutions because we’re committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

It’s supported by our closed-loop manufacturing facility, which means production byproducts go back into the system for reuse where possible, or are recycled, drastically reducing our energy use and what goes to landfill.

We offer:

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Our commitment to quality and compliance

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Quality matters. We’re passionate about what we do and always strive for quality and industry best practice. That’s why we’re proud to have the following industry certifications and initiatives in place:

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our commitment to quality

ISO 9001 Quality and ISO 12647 Colour Accredited

What our clients say

Our clients are more than just transactional customers; they’re our valued partners. We’ve built longstanding partnerships with clients of all kinds, from small local businesses to leading Australian and global brands across many sectors, to create exceptional printing and packaging solutions. But don’t just take our word for it!

Please Note: We do not produce corrugated items.

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