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Sydney’s innovative printing technologies: digital, offset and beyond

28 Mar, 2024

Thanks to ongoing innovation, the design, function, efficiency and sustainability of printing and packaging have come a long way in our five decades in the industry.

It’s an exciting time to be operating, because we’re able to combine the best of traditional printing knowledge and techniques with the continuous evolution of technology, tools and processes.

In this blog, we’ll cover off a few of these innovations and how they help our team at Rawson Print & Packaging to be a one-stop shop for quality printing and packaging that uses state-of-the-art equipment, with no outside work required.


Automation and robotics in printing processes

No introduction to innovative printing technologies in Sydney would be complete without looking at some of the automation and robotics that play a crucial role in our operations at every stage of production, from design to production to finishing.

Using quality technology means we can produce quality results with precision, efficiency, reduced costs and reduced waste. Win-win all around!


Offset printing

Offset printing is the printing industry’s stalwart for large, commercial projects. It involves transferring ink from a printing plate to a rubber blanket before transferring to the printing substrate, such as paper, cardboard or plastic. Offset printing is used for large print runs.

We take pride in our quality, consistency and efficiency, which is why we use the best offset printer on the market: the Heidelberg CX-102 Offset Printing Press. With German engineering and precision, it’s one of the most automated and innovative printing presses available. It’s capable of handling huge volumes with exceptional quality, colour accuracy and results, and minimal waste, on every print run.


Digital printing

On the other side of the printing coin, digital printing eliminates the need for plates, enabling direct printing from digital files. It offers high-quality, on-demand printing with quick turnaround times, making it ideal for small to medium runs, variable data printing, and personalised materials.

We’re one of only a few suppliers with a B2 HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press—an exceptional printer capable of printing to large paper sizes ideal for items such as presentation folders, A2 posters and wrapping paper.


On-demand online

Has a last-minute job popped up? On-demand printing is important to many of our clients, which is why we’ve recently undertaken a digital transformation that means clients can access a secure 24/7 online portal to place on-demand orders for web-to-print services when it’s convenient to them—not just during business hours.


The Dymatrix die-cutter

Die cutting is a technique that applies pressure to cut shapes out of a range of materials including paper and card stock.

Another way to picture it is like making biscuits: you roll dough out and use a biscuit-cutter to cut out shapes, such as Christmas trees or animals. Die-cutting is a similar principle—only a touch more complicated!

We use the Dymatrix die-cutter, another great product from Heidelberg. As its name suggests, it’s a dynamic machine that creates customised, intricate or unusual designs and shapes with incredible precision. And, once the initial design is created, it’s capable of automated feeding and replication, so we can produce a large volume of with great speed and accuracy that contributes to a beautiful piece of finished printing or packaging.


The Bobst Gluer

When we mention gluing, many people think back to their primary school days and smearing glue onto a poster in art class, getting half of it all over their hands in the process!

But commercial gluing is something of an art form: intricate, delicate and technical.

At Rawson we use a Bobst Gluer, a premium folder-gluer that can assemble die-cut materials with great precision and speed, ensuring the finished product is shelf-ready to impress even the most discerning eye.

How does a gluer-folder work? Once the packaging material is die-cut, it passes through the folder-gluer, where a selection of automated, robotic guides, hooks and other devices fold various die-cut panels into the right position and glues them into place if required.

Imagine folding and gluing packaging materials by hand—the Bobst Gluer makes for a far quicker, precise result!


The role of technology in Sydney’s printing industry into the future

At Rawson Print & Packaging, we’re big on innovation and have our eye on Sydney’s printing and packaging industry trends in 2024 and beyond to continually improve our products, services and operations.


Environmental sustainability and innovative printing practices

The printing and packaging industry can be resource intensive, which is why we continue to innovate to reduce our environmental impact. This includes using soy and vegetable-based inks and water-based coatings instead of petroleum-based ones. We’re also a closed-loop manufacturer, so everything is produced in our Sydney factory, minimising waste by reusing and recycling where possible.

We’re also proud to be Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) certified and an Ecovadis (Silver) member.

By partnering with us, you can let your customers know that you take sustainability seriously as well.

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